Can I adjust grades in the gradebook after my students have taken an assessment?


Q.  I have students who took a paper version of the assessment and I need to enter their grades into the gradebook, OR , I want to adjust grades manually in gradebook, is there a way for me to adjust Assessment grading in the Gradebook

A. Yes, you can override the automatic grading that is done by Assessments, or manually enter scores at any time through the Gradebooks area of the Grades tab. 

Assessments scores are automatically sent from the Assessments area to the Gradebook. Manually adjusting an auto-graded score will prompt a lock symbol to appear next to the grade, indicating that you have overridden an automatic score.  You can Revert that score to the automatic score at any time using the Revert Grade option.

Manually Adjusting Gradebook Scores

  1. Access your Gradebook from the Grades tab in your class.   
  2. Choose the Assessment or Assignment that you would like to adjust and double click to open a field for you to type in a new grade. 
  3. Select the checkmark to confirm. If you have adjusted an Assessment that the system has already graded, a Lock symbol will appear. 

Note: The adjusted grade entered in the Gradebook will always be used, unless reverted, even if changes are made to the Assessment.   



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