BETA: How do I associate a gradable in PowerSchool Learning to an item in my Aeries Gradebook?


How do I associate an Assignment, Discussion, Assessment or other gradable item in my PowerSchool Learning class with an Aeries Gradebook Entry? 



When creating a new item, such as an Assignment, or editing an existing one, use the Link with Aeries Entry drop-down menu to find and select an item in Aeries to connect to PowerSchool Learning.  

Once connected, grades will automatically be pushed from PowerSchool Learning to Aeries for that specific item. For this article, we'll use Assignments as an example.

Please Note: Aeries Premium Grade Integration is currently in a closed Beta.  

Associating an Assignment with Aeries

  1. Create a new Assignment through the Dropbox using the Add Assignment button in the Assignments area, or edit any existing Assignment through the Edit Assignment pencil button.

  2. Scroll down to Display Options, and check the box marked "Create Gradebook Entry" if it is not already checked. 
  3. In the (Optional) Link with Aeries Entry area, click into the Search your gradebooks box to search for and select an item from your Aeries Gradebook. (See below for more details on which Aeries items will be listed here.)

  4. Select the Copy Details link to automatically pull over the Title, Detail, Number of Points, and Due Date from Aeries to your PowerSchool Learning Assignment. 

    Please note:
     Copy Details will copy only Point Totals for Discussions, WikiProjects, and Assessments at this time.  

  5. Hit Save to apply your changes.  

Which Aeries Entries will be Listed in my Dropdown Menu? 

Assignments listed under the (Optional) Link with an Aeries Entry menu will consist of those items that are:

  • Associated with your current Term in Aeries
  • Associated with Classes that are currently attached to a Section in Aeries

PowerSchool Learning does not filter the items that appear in this menu by class or subject area, but rather displays all gradables that meet the above criteria, searchable, and visually separated by Section Name.


Once you've connected your PowerSchool Learning gradable to an item in Aeries, be sure to verify it is in sync through your Gradebook. 

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