As a Student or Parent, how do I check my Attendance in a class?


I want to see how often and when I've been absent, present or tardy in my class.  How do I check my Attendance history?



You can review your Attendance through the Attendance book feature, under the Grades tab of any class. 

Checking your Attendance

  1. To check your attendance, go to the Grades tab, then select Attendance.

  2. Use the List view to see a tally of your Attendance, filter by Grading Period or filter by Annotation (see just the days you were Tardy, for example!).

  3. Use the Print button on the right to print the view you are seeing.  If you have filtered to just Tardy, for example, only these will print.  
  4. Switch to the Calendar  view to see a month-to-month view of your Attendance.  Hover over any cell to see a description and any associated comments.


And that's it!  Are you a Teacher working on your Attendance book?  Find out how to set up your Attendance book, and customize your notations.