Q:  Why is a feature in PowerSchool Learning listed as in Beta?  What is a Beta?

A:  At PowerSchool Learning Systems, we are always striving to create the simplest, most unified software we can build. It is a daily undertaking to provide the features that people need, while avoiding the "bloat" of so many other LMS systems. Below are some details about Beta features in PowerSchool Learning. Other PowerSchool Learning features, while being upgraded periodically, are beyond Beta testing.

Conversation and Community

Our days are filled with conversation with our teachers. It's the basis for Community at PowerSchool Learning, and the part of the job that we love most.

When we plan a new feature, we first talk to our friends and teachers. Based on their guidance, we plan. We design. We build. We test. And then we talk to our teachers some more.

We start with smaller groups, and then we grow our conversation to include more people. At some point, the conversation matures to the point that we desire dialogue with all our teacher-users.

What is a Beta?

In software development, a beta is a phase of software testing in which pioneers can try out the software.

Beta testing can be considered "per-release testing." Beta test versions of software are distributed to a wide audience on the Web partly to give the program a "real-world" test and partly to provide a preview of the next release.*

What does it mean for me?

The new features are ready for you to use, but experience dictates that they won't be perfect. This is the first step in an evolving tool, so you can expect some changes in the way beta features behave. We'll keep tweaking things until they're at their best for all of our users.

We are open to your suggestions. Give these features a try, then send us some suggestions or drop us an email with your feedback.

We want to hear your ideas for feature enhancements, things that aren't working quite right, or perhaps ways that we could make your tasks easier.

We look forward to hearing from you!


*Beta test definition is adapted from WhatIs.com.