Q. Why don't some PowerSchool Learning features work from my computer?

A. In order to ensure the best experience when you use PowerSchool Learning, you should use a supported web browser. We test all of our supported browsers to ensure that all PowerSchool Learning features function properly, but there are three cases which may cause some PowerSchool Learning functionality to be unavailable.

Unsupported Browsers

You will see a warning message if you try to log in with an unsupported browser. We provide this warning on any browser that is not tested, and may cause you to experience bugs or unexpected behavior. We do not prevent users from using the browser of their choice, but unsupported browsers should be considered "use at your own risk".

Legacy Browsers

Because older browsers can't always use the latest web technologies, we sometimes cannot support new PowerSchool Learning features on all supported browsers.

Below is a list of some of the known limitations when using Internet Explorer 6:

Mobile Browsers

Users are not prevented from accessing PowerSchool Learning from mobile devices (like the iPhone), but there are browser limitations that you should consider. See this article for more information: Can I access PowerSchool Learning from my phone or other mobile device?