What is the Navbar and how do I use it?


Q. What is the Navbar and how do I use it?


A. The Navbar gives you a quick way to find People and Classes in your domain. It can also help you navigate to specific pages like your ePortfolio.


You can find the Navbar at the bottom of every page in PowerSchool Learning.

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Don't see the Navbar? Ask your domain administrators to enable it under Domain Control > Applications > Features.


The Navbar consists of three menus:

  • Go lets you get to places in PowerSchool Learning that don't belong to a particular class, like the My Classes page or your My Account page.
  • People is usually used by domain administrators to look up accounts. It's one of the fastest ways to Shadow or Masquerade, if you have permission.
  • Classes is a quick way to open a class. Teachers and domain administrators using the Classes menu can see most of the options they would see in the Manage Class menu - for instance, they can open the Roster or view Analytics for the class.

 To open a menu, either click on it or use one of the Navbar Hotkeys.


Remember, what you see in each menu will depend on your Account Role and whether or not you've been granted any special Permissions. It will also depend on which Navbar security settings your domain administrators have selected. 


When the Navbar displays a list of Classes, it checks to see if the viewer should be able to see those Classes. This includes whether or not the viewer is on the roster of those Classes.