Quick tips on how to limit your storage needs


Q: I'm getting close to my storage limit, what can I do to limit my storage needs?

A: Linking to and embedding remotely stored content and resources is a great way to limit your storage needs.


Note: While this article is designed for Solo Teacher Accounts, the storage tips below can be used by All PowerSchool Learning Teachers.

Check on your current Storage Usage

  1. Click on your Avatar > My Information
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  2. Select Subscription
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Here are a few tips that you might want to consider:

Embed Video instead of uploading to your Class

Videos embedded from outside services like YouTube or Vimeo don't count towards your storage limits. Some of these service providers allow you to create a free account and upload videos directly to the internet.

Once you've got those videos online, you can use our Embed the Web Block to share that content with your Class. Embedding videos and other large files can greatly reduce your storage needs.

If you haven't used it yet, make sure to check our this article on how to use a YouTube Content Block in your PowerSchool Learning Class today!


Store large files with services like Google Drive or Dropbox

Large files, like image and video rich slideshows can take up a lot of space. If you find yourself sharing a lot of these sorts of files with your class, you might want to consider storing these documents in a Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can link to these files using an Embed the Web Block, a Link Block or even within a Text Block.


Keep your Roster up to Date

As a Solo Teacher, Students that are enrolled in your Active Classes are counted towards your subscription. Keeping your Class Rosters up to date can prevent you from needing to move up in subscription level.

The total number of Students is reached by counting each Student enrollment and invitation for each Active Class. This means that a Student is counted if they have been invited to the Class, but have not yet accepted the invitation. It's also important to remember that a single Student is counted twice if they are enrolled in multiple Active Classes!

Following our best practices for moving into a new term is a great way to manage this aspect of your subscription!


Export Gradebook and remove old unused Classes

If you have a lot of Class Content in old Inactive Classes, you might want to consider Exporting or Printing the Gradebook and removing the old unused Classes.

Note: This technique does delete student data and interactions that cannot be recovered once removed, please make sure that you won't need to investigate any student interactions before taking this approach!


I have to upload to each student the weekly attendance. I uploaded two students into the wrong file. I am trying to get those out. How do I get them out?




Thank you for the comment.


To assist you further, we would like to know where did you exactly upload them within Learning?


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