Is it possible for me to see statistics on how students are accessing my class?


Q.  As a Teacher, is it possible for me to see if Students are accessing my class information? 


A:  PowerSchool Learning  has a system for tracking statistics for your classes.  When looking at your class it shows up under Manage Class > View Analytics. It will show you users who have recently logged in, as well as keep track of user access and resource usage.  


Please note: This feature is only available to PowerSchool Learning School & District Edition domains.  If you do not see the option listed, please discuss with your Domain Administrator.


We also have aggregated statistics at the school and district level, and they are accessible to domain administrators through the domain console.

Analytics include information about:

  • Who is using the site and how long they are staying on each page and resource
  • What resources are being used and by whom
  • Patterns of use over time
As an additional service to our schools and districts, domain administrators can also request daily, weekly or monthly Google Analytics reports of their domain to be emailed to them.