Q: How does PowerSchool Learning ensure that by adding a new school with a 1000 users there is no impact to the performance of the application, especially for your other customers?

A: As you can imagine, with hundreds of thousands of active users, performance of the application is absolutely critical. We use a variety of third-party performance monitoring tools to ensure performance across our infrastructure (a simplified public dashboard is available here: https://status.powerschool.com/).


We have lots of redundancy throughout the system as well as the ability to quickly "spin up" additional server resources for unplanned usage spikes. However, we typically have significant lead time to plan for major increases. Because most customers operate on the school calendar year, we will see a very large number of additional users each August/September.


For the most part, we know (at least the order of magnitude) how many accounts there will be and we can do load/performance testing ahead of the influx.


In our five-year history, we've had no major outages of unplanned downtime. If you're a prospective customer, I'm happy to put you in touch with some reference customers who have been with PowerSchool Learning for a long time and can speak to reliability/performance. Please reach out to our support team through the Help menu in PowerSchool Learning.


If you are interested in looking at our Technology Stack, please view the attached document.