Q: How do I add Students, Parents, or co-Teachers to my class?



A: In order to add users to your class, you must first access your class Roster.


*Note: This article is intended for individual teachers who edit their Rosters manually.


Domain administrators should refer to our Guide to Setting Up Class Rosters.


To view your Roster, click on the Manage Class button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then click on Roster.



When you're viewing the Roster you will see four tabs: Students, Parents, Teachers and Groups. Each tab lists its respective set of users.



Adding Students


To manually add a student click the Add Student button (on the Students tab). 


If you are using a Solo Teacher Account you can just fill out the form and click Add or to import multiple students at once you can upload a .CSV file. There is a link to the sample file, which shows the format you must use to import successfully.


If you are using PowerSchool Learning through your school or district, and the students are pre-loaded into the system for you, you can Search Users for an existing user, or if you are adding a student that does not yet exist in the system you can Add external Student.


Adding Parents


Some schools import parents, and some schools use our system of centralized invitations to invite parents. Some schools let individual teachers leave it up to the teacher as to whether they invite parents or not.


If you'd like to invite parents to join your Roster: When each student is added to the class, a parent invitation code is generated for that student's parents. You will see all of the details below by clicking on a given student's name in your Roster.



Parents will need both the invitation code associated with their student and the signup link at the very top of your Roster window. (The text will read something like this: "Students and parents may register by going to https://mylearning.powerschool.com/yourname/classname/signup and entering their invitation code.")


To make the invitation process easier, teachers can print all student and parent invitations with the links and the codes on them.


Here are instructions for Parents on how to accept a class invitation and create a PowerSchool Learning account. If Parents are invited to your class in this way, here is an article on what they will be able to see.


If you want parents to view your class, but don't want to mess with invitations: You can make your class "Open" to the public. This means that anyone with the link to the class can view course content. However, they will not be able to view student work of any kind.


If you do not want parents in your Roster: You can turn off Parent access to the class by going to Manage Class > Roster. Inside your Roster is a Manager Roster Menu. From that menu select "Roster Settings."



Inside the Roster Settings, there is a checkbox that will allow or disallow the option to have parents in your class. Uncheck the option to remove the Parent option.



Adding Co-Teachers


On the Teacher tab you can add additional teachers (or Co-Teachers) to your class by clicking on the Add Teacher button. You will then be asked to supply their email address to add them to your class. A confirmation email will be sent to them, inviting them to your class. Once confirmed, additional teachers have nearly the same rights as the original teacher. They can do everything the original teacher (owner account) can do except remove the original teacher from the class.


For more information on Rosters, visit our Roster Forum.