How do I Shadow another user in my Domain?


Q: My Domain Administrator has given me permission to Shadow another user in our PowerSchool Learning domain. Now what? How do I Shadow them?

A: In order to Shadow another user, you'll use the Navbar menu to locate their account, and click "Start Shadowing". Once you do this, you'll be able to see what they would see, limited according to the level and scope of permission that your Domain Administrator set you up with!

How to Shadow

1. Locate the user in the Navbar 

Use the Navbar People menu to locate the user in the list, or search. Click on the user's name to reveal the "Shadow this person" option. 

2. Start Shadowing

Once you start Shadowing you will see what the person you're shadowing normally sees, though possibly slightly limited by the settings your Domain Administrator set when setting up the Shadow Permission. 

Troubleshooting Shadowing

If you're not seeing a Class or piece of Content that you think you should be seeing, double-check with the Administrator who set up your Shadow permission to better understand how much you should be able to see. 

Some important things to note: 

  • Shadowing by organization only applies if the user and the class are both in the listed organization.
  • Giving Shadowing permission per Class only gives you the ability to Shadow the users for the listed Class.
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