How do I Get Started With My PowerSchool Learning Class?


How do I make a New Class?

Click the New Class button in the upper right hand corner of the My Classes page to begin setting up your new class.

For full instructions please visit the following article.

How should I design my PowerSchool Learning Class?

You can include any information and resources relevant to your class. You can:

  • create Content Blocks with text or images
  • upload handouts such as Word documents, Excel files, and PowerPoint slide shows
  • include images and pictures
  • upload audio and video files
  • include weblinks to other online resources
  • create a calendar to post assignment due dates and class activities and events
  • post announcements
  • post discussion topics so that your class members can interact online
  • create WikiProjects
  • create a dropbox where students can hand in assignments
  • create, manage and administer assessments
  • keep track of grades through a gradebook
  • keep track of attendence through an attendence book

How should I lay out my website?

You have the flexibility of laying out your class in a variety of ways. You can create as many pages and sub pages as necessary. You can arrange your pages and content by date, category, topic, chapter - whatever makes sense for you and your students. Some educators choose to create a page and sub pages for each unit they teach, while others prefer to organize their pages based on a general topic. 

There are also a variety of ways to organize the information on any page - you're never stuck with only one layout that you have to follow on every page. Once you get started, if you change your mind, you can rearrange as desired by dragging and dropping content to a different location or even a different page (by using the clipboard feature at the top of the pages list to the left).

What is the class URL?

Your class URL is created automatically when you set up your class, but you can change this URL so that it's easy to read and remember.

To keep the URL simple, select a short, concise name for your class. The URL for your class is, where your name is your username and your class is the name you gave your class. (e.g. If your username is jsmith and your class name is math, the URL would be

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