How can I see what my students will see?


Q: When I'm building a class in PowerSchool Learning, how can I see what my students will see?

A: You can see what your students will see by using the View as Student option found in the Manage Class menu.

For the most part, while editing your class you are already seeing what your students will see, in the Theme you have chosen for your class! To see the class just as they would, choose View as Student.

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Class Pages

Once in View as Student mode, you also have the option to View All (which will include Published and Unpublished pages) or to select View Published on the menu in the upper right portion of the screen to only view Published pages. You can also Publish or Unpublish the page you are currently viewing from this menu. Please note, your students will only see Published pages.

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Just select Exit Preview to continue editing your class.

To learn more about Themes for your class, check out our article: How do I browse the new PowerSchool Learning Themes?


When you enter View as Student mode in your Gradebook, you can choose which student’s perspective you would like to adopt by using the “Preview as” drop-down menu.

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Any grades that have been Published in your Gradebook (by clicking to light-up the radar tower icon) will be visible to your students, so you can see them here. If none of the student's grades have been Published, their Gradebook will appear to be empty like the example below.

2016-09-20 09_33_15-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10 _ Gradebooks _ English 10.png

Using View as Student mode when viewing your Gradebook gives you the option to print an individual report of grades for each student. Select the student from the "Preview as" drop-down menu, then click on the "Print" button.

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In this example, sample student Andy Martinez does not have homework or tests grades Published to his Gradebook, so his printed report for this Grading Period will look like this:

2016-09-20 09_41_05-PowerSchool Learning.png


While in View as Student mode you can view how a given assessment will look to a particular student by clicking on the Assessments tab, then selecting the Title of the assessment to view it. A new window will open with the option to View this Exam for and a drop-down menu of the applicable students.

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Discussions, Assignments, and More

You can choose to view almost any aspect of your class as a student. Take a look around! Seeing what your students will see can help you make sure they have the experience you want them to have.