Q: How can I keep students' work and grades from old classes in PowerSchool Learning?

A: When students are removed from a class, their records are retained in your class, but they are hidden by default. To reveal student work once they are removed from the Roster, you can go to the Manage Roster > Roster Settings menu option within your Roster and uncheck the Hide Removed Students option.


For more on this, please read this article on how to reveal and hide removed students from the roster. 

Revealing students in the roster will allow you to see past Grades, Discussion posts, Assignments, Assessments, WikiProjects, and all other student data, as long as those items have not been deleted by the teacher once the class is made inactive.  

*Note: When a student account is deleted from the domain by an administrator, that account deletion is permanent and teachers will no longer be able to view that student's data. If the student has been deactivated by import, the administrator can re-activate those accounts if need be. (For more information, see our Knowledgebase article on how to disable and deactivate user accounts.)

If you're interested in some general advice on transitioning between school years, check out our Knowledgebase article on closing out classes at the end of one year and creating new classes for the next.