Q. Can I access PowerSchool Learning from my tablet, phone or other mobile device?


A. Yes! There are several ways to access PowerSchool Learning on your mobile devices.

If you're using an iPad or Windows 8 tablet, take a look at our PowerSchool Learning mobile app, optimized for these devices.


On any mobile device, you can use a web browser to use PowerSchool Learning. However, because the PowerSchool Learning web app makes use of advanced web technologies, you may experience a loss of some functionality.


Browsers on mobile devices, like the iPhone and Android phones, lack support for some of these technologies. In some cases the input system on these devices simply doesn't allow you to interact with PowerSchool Learning in the same way you would on a computer. Despite these limitations, you are free to use PowerSchool Learning on your mobile device.


Do not fear that we will stop here! PowerSchool Learning is working to improve your experience on mobile devices.


Below is a list of some of the known limitations of PowerSchool Learning that might currently affect your mobile device:


Embed the Web

Many, but not all, of the Embed the Web widgets available use Flash to deliver rich content your PowerSchool Learning site. Currently Flash is not supported by iOS and other mobile browsers.


Drag and Drop (Reorganizing Pages & Content Blocks)

Because the touch interface of many mobile devices is used for scrolling, there is no way to interact with any of the drag and drop features within PowerSchool Learning.


Uploading FIles

Some mobile devices restrict access to their file system, so you may encounter an error if you try to upload a file to PowerSchool Learning.


Writing and Editing Text in Android

CK Editor, the text editor used within PowerSchool Learning, is disabled for most Android browsers. Trying to edit text in any part of PowerSchool Learning in these browsers will result in a spinning loading indicator. You can still load CK Editor by choosing an option like "Request Desktop Site" in the default Android browser, or changing your User Agent string to "Desktop".


Parent logins in iOS App

While Parents can login to the iOS app, the app was not designed for Parent use. The My Classes screen will only show Classes in which the user is enrolled as a Student or Teacher. As a result, Parents won't be able to use the iOS app to review their students' work or grades. Parent support may come in a future update.