Viewing Links within an Embedded Google Document



How can users view a Link that is embedded within a Google Document on my Class Page?


Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition domains of PowerSchool Learning that have integrated with G Suite for Education.




Embedding a Google Document to your Class Page is a great way for students to interact and collaborate for Class Page activities. However, if the Embedded Google Document has included links for users to select and view, these links may not be directly accessible within the PowerSchool Learning Content Block. 


Users will notice a "Redirect URL notice" and/or a refused to connect message when clicking on a link within the embedded Google Document












Due to Google's privacy settings, users may experience either of the messages above. To access links within an embedded Google Document user will need to "right-click" and open the link within a new window or tab


This will allow the user to access any link within an embedded Google Document using PowerSchool Learning! 









Please click here for more information about embedding Google Documents 







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