How do I collaborate on an embedded Google Document?


How do I collaborate on an embedded Google Document?


Collaborating on an embedded Google Doc allows you to use all the same editing tools used with Google Doc and see who else is working on the document right on a Page in your class!

Please note:  You can only edit the Doc if your teacher has enabled Collaboration Tools.


When a teacher embeds a Google Doc into a Page, you'll be able to see the Doc without leaving your class. You can comment and even edit the Doc, as you would directly in your Google Drive. Changes you make will automatically be saved, and can be viewed by everyone in your Class.





Since your teacher has added the Doc for your class to collaborate on this activity, you might see other people editing the document while you are making changes as well. You can tell more about who is making changes to the Doc by matching the color of their cursor to the icon in the top right.




Quick tip: Make sure to click on the More option in the menu bad to reveal additional tools.  




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