How do I add Google Calendars to my Class Calendar?

Q: How do I add Google Calendars to my Class Calendar?


A: If your school is using G Suite Integration and the Google Calendar feature is enabled, you will be able to add Google Calendars to your classes. 


Note: This feature is only available to School and District Domain accounts using G Suite Integration. 

Adding a Google Calendar


To add a Google Calendar to your Class, just go to the Class and click the Calendar tab. 


To the left of the calendar, you'll see an Add Calendar button. 



Click this button to open a list of the Google Calendars associated with your account. 



Select the calendar you'd like to add to the Class from the list.


You'll see some options for how the calendar will appear. You can select a title and color for the calendar, as well as (if applicable) whether to publish the calendar to all sections of the Class. When you're done making your selections, just click Save.



You can add as many Google Calendars to your Class as you'd like. 


The Google Calendar's events will now begin to populate in your PowerSchool Learning Calendar. You'll see a popup indicating that it's "Loading Google Events". Just click OK to continue working while that happens.


Now, when you add an event to your Google Calendar, you'll see that event live update in your PowerSchool Learning Calendar.


Not seeing an event in your PowerSchool Calendar that you just created in a Google Calendar? Don't worry! It can take up to 15 minutes for Google to sync these events. 


Editing and Refreshing Google Calendars


Find the list of calendars in your Class along the left. The first calendar listed is your built-in PowerSchool Learning Calendar. Any calendars beneath that are Google Calendars that you've added.

By clicking the arrow next to the calendar's name you can find options for calendar settings, refreshing the calendar, and removing the calendar. 




If you don't want to remove a calendar, but you'd like to hide its events, you can toggle each calendar to be shown or hidden by using the checkbox next to each calendar's name. Unchecking the Google Calendar hides its events in the calendar.


Tip: When a calendar is unchecked in a Class, the calendar's events will also be hidden from you and your students' My Portal calendars.


Hi @li-belma 


I think this will be a very useful tools for the teachers and would love to give it a go. It would be easier to follow with pictures but unfortunately the pictures are all broken. I tried refreshing the page but it's not working. Is there a way to make the picture visible?


We are using PS 21.4. Will this work on PTP and PS 21.4.2?




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