Can I Embed a Google Calendar in my class?


We are looking to go down on our paper consumption, so can we embed Google calendars into our site? We want to post calendars, but not in a PDF form.


Yes you can, using Google Calendar's embed capabilities and PowerSchool Learning's Embed the Web. Embedding a Google Calendar into a larger column in one of your class pages can make a nice display of your Google events in your class.


You can use Embed the Web to embed a Google Calendar onto a PowerSchool Learning site.

First, you'll need to get an "embed code" for the Calendar you'd like to put in your class. 


Here is the help page from the Google Calendar site for instructions on where to find the Embed code.


The best way to get an Embed code is to:

1) Open Google Calendar

2) Click the small drop-down arrow next to the calendar you'd like to embed, then choose Calendar Settings

3) In the settings for the calendar, scroll down to where it says Embed This Calendar

4) Under where it says Paste this code into your website, click Customize the color, size, and other options

5) Here you can customize what the embed will look like, and copy the embed code at the top of the page


Following these steps will provide you with a secure HTTPS embed code, which you can use to embed a calendar without prompting a mixed content warning.


Once you have the embed code from your Google Calendar: 


1) On the Pages tab, click on the button labeled Add Content Block. 

2) Click on Embed the Web


3) Paste the embed code into the text box at the top of the window and click on Next



4) Give the block a title and click on Save.

There you have it! Your Google Calendar in your Class Page! 




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