what is the roadmap for PSL now that powerschool is buying Schoology?


what is the roadmap for PSL now that powerschool is buying Schoology?

My subject title pretty much sums it up - Are there any plans for future develpment for PS Learning (Haiku) now that Schoology is being purchased by PowerSchool? How much longer will PSL be offered?


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Agree 100%.  I posted question on same topic and recieved zero repsonse.  We have another webinar with our PS rep in just a few minutes. I will ask the same question to her.


If you are able to find anything out from your rep, please post it here. If I get any info from the two questions I posted on the webinar board, I will do the same. It was annoying that my webinar questions were not even acknowledged with a "we'll get back to you" as other questions were.


The PowerSchool Marketing Machine was in full force today.  Same presentation that sold us Unified Classroom.  The mess we have had in UC has now made us very skeptical and we are worried the Schoology Learning component will just continue the UC confusion.  The road map was mainly educational buzzwords.  My guess is there were way more concerned Schoology Customers then Unified Classroom/ PS Learning Customers there (because there are not many).  The Unified Classroom and PowerSchool Learning Integration is a confusing mess and PS knows it.  It would not be a good look to address our questions in that webinar.  I am hoping a rep follows up with mine.  Some were below


Most of our issues and confusion come from the PS Learning (Class Pages) integration with Unified Classroom Assignment and Activity List and the overlapping of features.  Will this continue to be the case with Schoology?  Will there be Unified Classroom Calendar and Messaging (very basic features wise) and Schoology Calendar and Messaging.  We had much more success with PS Learning when we used it as a stand alone product with  PS SIS integration.  We would like to see something similar with Schoology.  Use the communication and Calendar features in Schoology.  Being able to sign into the Schoology Website Directly and the mobile app would be important.  There is no UC App just a PS SIS app that takes the PS ID from UC.  We couldn’t do this with Learning (Class Pages) and using it within Unified Classroom is more cumbersome then the standalone product.  Our primary concern is for the confusion and same pain points to continue with a different platform for learning


What is the role of the PowerSchool ID in Signing into Schoology? What will this look like? Will Parents be able to get accounts automatically created or use thier PS ID to access Schoology?


What will happen to the UC Scoring Center?


What is going to Happen to UC Assignments?  We were told to use this instead of assignments in PS Learning.


Will the issues be fixed with the Assignment and Activity List in UC?  Will all the UC Features remain?


Schoology has the AMP Product and Performance Matters has a Benchmark assessment these seem to be similar Products.


Will Unified Classroom Customers have access to the Schoology Mobile app?  We didnt with the PS Learning Integration.



We really hope these questions get anwsered.  We need to set a direction in our schools and trusted PowerSchool and they just keep changing those directions.  We talked with PS Engineers a few weeks back and they were talking about imporvements to UC Assignments on the horizon.  We are like, "didn't you just buy Schoology". 


I would really like to stay connected with those currently using PS Learning within UC and see how things unfold.


All I can say is ditto, ditto to virtually every point in jhanlon's post. The experience of our faculty has been almost exactly the same.


@jhanlon You've posed a fantastic set of questions, we are all hoping will be answered as they address the exact concerns we have about the acquisition. I'm a teacher in a PS/UC district that once upon a time had theenterprise version of Schoology feeding the eSchoolPlus SIS and gradebook. We're optimisitc that Schoology Learning will be a mainstay and that the mobile app - something that wasn't developed with UC or Haiku Learning/Pages, - will be a prominient piece in how students interact with the overall integrated system, especially given that we're an iPad 1:1 district. Frankly I'd be content with having my students use the Schoology mobile almost exclusively along with HTML 5 simulations and use the website only when needed. Unfortunately the web based Haiku Learning/Pages just doesn't work well on Mobile devices. I'm also curious about grading tools and features that are no longer present in UC that are fully functional in Schoology such as such as markup pens and comment boxes.

As we have realized, the webinar did nothing to satiate those concerns - not even a proposed timeline for migration. I'm hoping that some meaningful integration will be ready to try bu the 2020-2021 academic year. For now it's futsing around with Learning/Pages and PS Assessment with a rather bizarre workflow; a strange labrynth of empty screens and dead ends before a page correctly displays the information or fields we were looking for...


X2 please share any info learned from your rep.

Think we’ll start prepping an RFP in the meantime as we’re pretty nervous re: uncertainties around next school year.

We just finished a 30 minute webinar with our customer service rep and sales rep.  Many of the same questions/concerns that appear on this thread were asked. Unforunately, little new infromation was gained during the session.  They listened and said they would try to get answers for us ASAP......




That is what we were worried about.  Just like when we went with UC it was a Vision and the idea of integration of Schoology for exiting UC customers seems like an infographic the marketing team made at this point.


All the PS Support and Success teams have been good to us but just don’t have answers.  PowerSchool says they want personalized learning.  Do that with a feature rich LMS.  I think Schoology has a great product but we cant take any more risks following PS. Right now we have an abandoned LMS in PS Learning (although we did get a UC Assignment Block) and doubled features labeled UC to confuse everyone.  The braded UC features don’t even compare to what else is out there for teaching and learning in an LMS.


UC Assessment- Terrible product (see performance matters push)

UC Assignment- A featureless digital dropbox

UC Assignment/Activity List- Inaccurate if you are using PS Learning Features

UC Scoring Center- A third place for teachers to grade work.......... sigh

UC Calendar- Not bad  we use it for homework posting for parents

UC Messaging- Id be better off handing a kid a letter as they leave class or emailing them.  We still use Remind


Personally, Id just love to see all these UC features gone and have UC as a gateway to get to Schoology and use all the features there with the PS ID just like it is a gateway to the SIS.  The change would be rough but atleast we would know what we are getting into.    PowerSchool is so concerned with getting everything in the UC dashboard.  I'd just rather see things work.  An LMS with a tight connection to the SIS and Gradebook.


The PowerSchool IDs have been a nightmare and I hope they can make them work with Schoology.  The problem is that if we need to put our staff through another change we can't do it with all the hiccups we encountered when we went with UC.




Most of the features and the entire concept of a dashboard is developer / programmer centric in design and concept.  The top down designs in now way consider actual teachers, administrators, students, or parents.  The entire suite does appear that it was created in a vacuum with little or no input from its user base.  By Schoology seems to understand its audience and developes a UI and systems that were simple - easy to share and collaborate yet incredibly powerful in terms of communication, organization, notification, and sturcture.


  • UC Assessment- Terrible product (see performance matters push)

    We'll see what performance matters brings.  It's supposed to have a simpler UI, but reduce the number of question types from 60 to 15 -  just the most commonly used.  As long as it can handle numbers with a +/- figure and not treat it as strings I'd be happy.  Otherwise ithe current Assessment piece in the lIbrary is powerful but the menuing is cryptic and the learning curve to use it is currently high.  It also requires standards at every step of the way for each question.  Too cumbersome...

  • UC Assignment- A featureless digital dropbox

    I actually have no issues with this piece.  It works for me in terms of selecting categories, applying points and extra credit, attaching files, due dates, and even the selection of individual students for individualized instruction.  The only part that is truly terrible is the rubric piece, which is pathetically awful and is a quagmire of a disaster.  

  • UC Assignment/Activity List- Inaccurate if you are using PS Learning Features

    No issues with this piece at the class level.  At the individual student level all information and file icons are present - and you can get a preview of that file.  The one thing you can't do is change a score there.  That's a surprising deficiency in workflow - instead there's an "Edit Scores" button that leads to a PTP screen.


  • UC Scoring Center- A third place for teachers to grade work.......... sigh

    I heard this was supposed to eventually replace PTP.  It looks prettier and more sophisticated than PTP.  Would be better if there were key-stroke combinations to select "Missing" or Incomplete" indicators etc.


  • UC Calendar- Not bad  we use it for homework posting for parents

    No major qualm except it would be nice if it also triggered push notifications

  • UC Messaging- Id be better off handing a kid a letter as they leave class or emailing them.  We still use Remind

    Within Communication, the Activity Feed needs to have an ability to edit messages rather then delete and post new, and also push to students.  It is fine for posting messages to introduce the class, or if studetns check in but is severely lacking. Messages is worse than the most rudimentary messaging systems of the late 90's  Schoology will hopefully solve this piece as they are terrific with push notifications to the Mobile app or via email..  So far have resisted outside services like Remind, hoping for in house improvements.


Powerschool ID's are managed through Microsoft 365 logins and have been working well this year.

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PowerSchool Champion

Thank you to all of the users who responded following this morning's disappointing presentation about PowerSchool and Schoology Learning. I agree with all of your comments! I was expecting to hear about the product itself and how it would be incorporated into the Unified Classroom. I too submitted a question:


"Is Schoology Learning replacing PowerSchool Learning within the Unified Classroom? If so, how and when?"


There was no response to my post at all, not even an acknowledgement that it was received. In the thread of 15 questions in the sidebar, mine was the only one listed with no response!  We were told to watch the webinar to get our initial questions (including to this thread) answered. Three of us at our school wasted 50 minutes because there was no new information provided to us using PowerSchool Learning and/or the current Unified Classroom.


I did receive a phone call within 30 minutes of the posting of my question, however I was in class and then had to drive to Sacramento for a meeting. Part of me wanted to continue driving up to Folsom and stop by HQ asking why noone address the elephant in the room. When you publish new Unified Classroom graphics and insert Schoology Learning, that says a whole lot and yet nothing at all. 


Many of us were early Unified Classroom adopters and were basically beta testing a product in development. We have experience lots of heartache and pain dealing with the product over the last two years. At the end of the day I'm left wondering what is happening with the Unified Classroom!

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