Where do students see their badges now?


Where do students see their badges now?

Is there a way that teachers can assign badges to student portfolios?  What we are hoping to do is have students maintain an ePortfolio of their learning, then assign badges as recognition to different types of work.  So, for example, if a student posts works that illustrates skills around a communication standard, they would get a communication badge.  If they collect 10 communication badges, they have mastered that overall communication skill.


Conversly, could we do this in a class instead?  If so, would we need a separate class per kid, with that class basically taking the place of a personal ePortfolio?  If we go that route, is there an easy way to share a class template like there is an ePortfolio template?

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Re: Where do students see their badges now?

Thank you for your post in the Community!  Badges can be given within classes to students within PowerSchool Learning.  Steps to creating and awarding badges can be found here.

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