What formats for are supported for imported Question Banks?


What formats for are supported for imported Question Banks?

In the Assessment > Import Tab I see the following message:

You can import questions from Blackboard versions 6+. If you are using ExamView, you have to export the questions to Blackboard 6-7 format.


Are Blackboard 6+ question banks the only supported format? Are there others? What criteria should we be looking for when making inquiries with our vendors?


Is there a list of standards somewhere? Also, are there tools for converting question banks into the BlackBoard 6+ format?


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Currently, PowerSchool Learning accepts question imports from Canvas, Blackboard versions 6+ and some Common Cartridge question files. If you are using ExamView you will want to use Blackboard 6-7 format to create your export file, then bring it into PowerSchool Learning through the Import Questions area of the Add Question(s) menu.


I have attached three articles below that will guide you through the Question Library and the process of importing/exporting standards.


How Do I Add Questions to Question Library

What are the specifications for standard imports?

How do Import and Export Standards in PowerSchool Learning?

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