Reports downloading in .txt instead of .csv

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Reports downloading in .txt instead of .csv

I am very new to Powerschool - I am trying to download a report and it is downloading in .text instead of my usual .csv file.  I am sure I changed something but I can not figure out how to get it back to .csv

Can someone help me?


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That's unfortunately a legacy from long ago that's never been addressed in PowerSchool.  The .text is actually a tab-delimited text file, so it'll open in Excel just fine.  It's just a hassle because ".text" is not a standard extension.


The file type export will vary depending on which function you're using, which is part of the frustration.


There had been multiple enhancement requests over several years for PowerSchool to improve consistency in export data types, but have thus far gone unheeded.  I submitted this one before enhancements were migrated from PowerSource to Community to try to consolidate several past issues:


Since there's no resolution to this coming in the immediate future, your choices will be to rename the file with a .txt entension instead of .text, open in Excel, then save as a CSV, or associate the file extension with Excel manually.



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