Populating Sections

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Populating Sections

Good Morning, 

I am currently (Sat 9/19) populating students into their classes. Here is my process. Select grade level, select by hand, update, mass enroll, quick enroll, enter the course and section number. 


I get a message next to every student that says "already enrolled on 9/21. 


I click enroll student and get a message that says your changes have been saved. Under that, there is a select all box checked that says No Students found who are enrolled in the section. 


Go back to the sections page to check the roster, the enrollment column for these particular sections say 0. 


The sections I populated yesterday (Fri 9/18) have this column filled with the number of students enrolled in the section. When I click on the number, I can view the roster. 


Why is this not happening today? I am following the exact same process as yesterday????

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Good Morning, sometimes on the weekend students will not show as enrolled because its not school day. Are all the students you enrolled now showing, based on it being a school day?