Personal calendar for students


Personal calendar for students

Is it possible for students to add events to their PS Learning calendar?  It would be nice if students could edit the calendar to add their own assignments and manage their own events.  This may be a product enhancement request.


Also, where can we see new product updates for PS Learning?





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Re: Personal calendar for students

Hi @nrobinson


Thank you for posting in our Community! At this time, only teachers and co-teachers can add events directly to the class calendar. Some of our schools use other calendars for additional interaction. For example, if your school uses Google, they may be able to add an interactive calendar through that integration. Additionally, any calendar that has an embed code can be added to any page in a class by using Add Content Block > Embed the Web. This is a useful option and something students can use inside WikiProjects, where they have access to add content. Here are some articles on these topics to help:


As far as adding directly to a class calendar, I'm happy to share your feedback with my team. I can also inquire about where you can find information on Learning product updates. 





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Re: Personal calendar for students

Do you have any advice on subscribing to the PowerSchool calendar? I've tried importing and adding via URL, but even though it says "231 events imported" or "Calendar added", nothing ever shows up on my laptop or mobile device. I've tried Apple and Google support, but they indicate it must be a PowerSchool issue, since the calendar isn't visible even just using the URL in a browser.  I can only see calendar events on the PowerSchool page, using the private URL link doesn't show a functioning calendar.  Any help or advice you can offer is greatly appreciated, as it makes using the PowerSchool calendar impossible without many onerous navigation steps every single time!  Thank you!

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Re: Personal calendar for students

Hi @lcolvin01


Thank you for your question about PowerSchool Calendar. 


Are you trying to export the class calendar? If so, I would recommend this article that you might find helpful:


Following the instructions above, we were able to export and import calendars from a class into a personal calendar.  However, if you are using Google Calendar, events created in Google Calendar that a teacher has connected to the class may not export.  You might want to check if this is the case here by contacting the teacher of the class through the Help menu in Learning. 


If these events were not created through Google Calendar and following the instructions in the article above does not resolve your issue, I would recommend that you contact Support to go into specifics about the steps you are taking and what you are experiencing.  


Warm regards,


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