Parent Access Statistics

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Parent Access Statistics

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I am the principal looking at my parent access statistics.  Is there a way to pull a report to see what students' parents do not have access.



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hello @nfanourgiakis 


Did you try this:


From the Start Page, type GuardianAccessAssigned=false.




In Learning -Reports-Rosters. You have an option to filter the view by class names or users and export the view to csv. This will help to know the users/parents who have access to the class. So,if you have another class with all the parents having access then the csv's exported can be compared and thus the parents without access can be found.


For eg, a master class -Grade 12 to which all the parents have access and then Grade 12 English class to which only a certain set of parents can access. Export the csv files for both the classes as mentioned above. Then the csv's can be compared to find out the parents who don't have access to the Garde 12 English class.


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