PS Learning for athletic teams.


PS Learning for athletic teams.

We have a high school in our district that wants to use PS Learning for their athletic teams.  Their "class" would include all the different sports offered at their school and all athletes would be added to this single "class". (About 400 athletes)


The purpose of the class would be to deliver content to students and parents about the sport they are participating in.  Information such as Calenders, Upcoming Dates, Sport specific drills, forms etc.. would all be included.  As I was visiting with this high school a few questions came up that I hope can be answered here.


1) Coaches desire that sports physicals and possibly other forms be uploaded(by student) to PS Learning and that all coaches would be able to access these completed forms.  My first thought was to have this done via an assignment but the question came up about if the physicals would be accessible for following school years since the physicals are good for two years.  If this is a manually created class, wouldn't we be able to access this class year after year and have coaches or AD add or remove students as 9th graders enter and 12th graders leave?


2) Would the best way to organize this be to add a section for each sport in the Roster section?


3)  Any other suggestions/direction from people that have set something like this up would be appreciated! 🙂

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Hi there,




1) You could easily just leave the class active permanently - and manage the roster as students come and go. If you are using a gradebook this could get more complicated - but you could create a new gradebook for each year.


2) A limitation with Sections is that only one student can be rostered in one section at a time. I'm not sure I have a solution I can offer considering you have so many students and combinations of athletics. I would warn you that classes with lots of content AND pages/subpages get bogged down loading and navigating through the class and gradebook.