Links missing on webpage


Links missing on webpage

Wondering if there are links for the Elem, Middle School, Resources, and PD sample courses from this page, as they'd be VERY helpful to show our teachers/staff: 



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Hi @crathsack


Thank you for taking part in the community and bringing this to our attention. I agree that samples to show your staff would be a great way for them to dive into the available features. We will report this to our webpage developer right away. It appears that the page is still under development and links have not  been added for those categories at this time. We will let them know that you (and I’m sure many others) are looking forward to those additions.


Also, there are Learning classes that are public on the web that are ok to browse because they have been made public. If you Google third grade (for example, or any grade or topic) and PowerSchool Learning, you will find some nice examples to browse.


The Community is a great place to ask for sample resources. If any of our members have public classes they would like to showcase, please reply to this post and share them here!


Thank you again for your valuable input! Please let us know if you have any questions.


Would anyone else in the community be willing share resources suitable for Elementary School, Middle School, or PD sample courses that would be helpful to show teachers/staff?


Have a great day!