Learning Common Cartridge Files


Learning Common Cartridge Files

We are looking at exporting teacher content as a common cartridge.  We are a little cocerned becasue the exported files are very small.  A teacher has a lot of work and it is coming out to 1.5MB.  Has anyone exported content and sucessfully gotten it into another LMS.  Like maybe......Schoology.  Not working the way it did when we used Blackboard.  I know content doesnt come out perfect but otehr then page titles we arent getting anything.  I did see the article





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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for requesting assistance and reaching out to other PowerSchool Learning customers within the PowerSchool Community!

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties exporting content within PowerSchool Learning!  Are you receiving an error message that your file has failed since you are only seeing the page titles being exported?

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