Late assignment submission notification?


Late assignment submission notification?

Hi all - Maybe this has already been answered but putting it in here anyway.


When a teacher assigns work on Learning, is there a way he/she can get notified when a student submits an assignment late? So if the due date was Nov 1 and the kid submitted it on Nov 2, can something be sent or shown so that the teacher can quickly see which ones were handed in late?





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Re: Late assignment submission notification?

There is a "whats new" feature but it doesnt give a lot of info other than assignments were turned in.  Yes having the abillity to see a run down of submitted work would be a welcomed feature.  We had a previous LMS that had a feature like this.  It was basically an area with all the assignments that still needed grading regardless of the specific assignment.   I am hoping that the PS team is still looking to put development into the Learning platform.  It seems to be an afterthought to the features they are putting into UC at this point.


Re: Late assignment submission notification?

Hello @skrishna@jhanlon,


Thanks for reaching out! I can certainly see how it would be useful to be able to receive notification when a student submits a late assignment. I will flag your suggestion as feedback for our Product Team to review. Whenever they have a feature planning session, they personally review and categorize all cases flagged as Enhancement Requests.


Thank you for taking the time to tell us how we can improve!  If any further information is needed from our Product Team, they will reach out to you.


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