Individual Assignments in Learning


Individual Assignments in Learning



Does anyone have experience setting up assignments for individual or small groups of students. I know this can be done in Unified Classroom, but I can't see where this can be done in Learning, nor any documentation that makes me think that it's possible. If it's not possible, is there any workaround in Learning? Thanks!

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Hey @KevinY


Learning supports Sections and Groups. Groups can be used to make smaller sets of students across Sections.

Groups could be a good solution for this if you can deliver your assignment in the form of a Discussion or a Wikiproject, otherwise, an assignment can only be assigned to an entire section.


An alternative would be to convert the assignment into an Assessment format which can be assigned to groups using passwords. 


I have provided some articles here that should guide you to set up groups and group students in PowerSchool Learning for teamwork. You can access the articles through the direct links provided below: 


How do I set up groups 


Group students in PowerSchool Learning for teamwork.



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