Grading Discussion Boards


Grading Discussion Boards

I have a teacher that has assigned a discussion board to 5 different sections of students.  She has inquired about how to grade the discussion board one section at a time.  When she has the View Results window open and selects a section,  only kids in that section show up.  That makes sense but as soon as she chooses a kid in that section, gives that student a grade and then clicks Next Student, it takes her to the next student alphabetically in all 5 sections- not just the section she had orginally chosen?  Is this programmed behavior, a bug or user error?

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Re: Grading Discussion Boards

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Thank you for the post. This is the current behavior when you assign discussions to multiple sections. As a workaround for now, you can assign a separate discussion to each section. I understand this is not ideal if you are hoping to have the sections interact with each other.


I am going to forward your great suggestion to our team for review.


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