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Just wanted to add my support for moving this up in the development calendar. I've had whole departments at my school put the brakes on migrating to Google Team Drives because Team Drives are not integrated into PS Learning. Please add this soon.

Thanks so much!


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Our schools have the same requirement, and we would love PSL dev teams taking a look at making this work.


Meantime as a workaround, our users can use Embed The Web:

1. Open a file in Google Team Drive

2. Choose File > Publish to the web...

3. Click on 'Embed' and copy the embed code

4. In PSL Add Content Block > Embed the Web

5. Paste the embed code


It's a bit clunky, but seems to work.





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We're running into many challenges with content that's stored on Team Drive. There are several workarounds that help us, but there's no good solution at the moment.


I'd like to also plug a feature request to update the file picker for google drive. This post details the issue with the current picker and a possible solution for your engineers.



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Thank you for your suggestion!  I will be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to the PowerSchool Product Team.  We love suggestions that improve PowerSchool Learning.

Jamie M.
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