Curriculum Mapping or Curriculum Management in PowerSchool Learning


Curriculum Mapping or Curriculum Management in PowerSchool Learning

Hi, PS forum.  We're moving to Unified Classroom.  Our curriculum, including assessments, unit goals, rubrics, etc. is currently housed on the Rubicon Atlas curriculum management platform as Google Docs or Word Docs linked or uploaded to teachers' units.


How are other people mapping their unit planning in PSLearning?


Since PowerSchool doesn't seem to offer the same curriculum mapping functionality as Rubicon Atlas, we'd like to keep our current platform, but wonder how creating rubrics in PSLearning will / won't allow for us to separately house live documents.  It seems to me that once you create a rubric in PSLearning, it becomes "attached" to an assessment, and doesn't exist as a separate file that we can link to and house in a separate location and map to units.


Ideas from others?  We're not sure how to map our unit planning in PSLearning.

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Re: Curriculum Mapping or Curriculum Management in PowerSchool Learning

Hi @cgarber


Thank you for posting this great question in our Community! We would love to hear from others on their practices with curriculum mapping.


Though we may not have specifically what you are looking for, we do have some resources on rubrics that you may find helpful to explore, including one on sharing rubrics and reusing rubrics with content over time: 


We hope you'll find these helpful and we look forward to hearing from others!


Warm Regards,



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