Assignments marked (exempt)

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Assignments marked (exempt)

Assignments are showing (exempt) therefore they won't roll over to a report card. When I look on the page I put the assignments in, "exempt" is not selected. How do I get the assignments not to show (exempt) on the blue "score" line?

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Nita Clary

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Thank you for your post. To clarify, is this an issue you are experiencing within the SIS? If you have a screenshot you would be willing to share that has any personally identifiable information redacted, that will greatly assist us in helping you troubleshooting as needed,




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I have this same issue.  The entire assignment shows as exempt.  I set it up exactly the same as the first quiz so I am confused as to the issue.  Please advise.





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Go to edit the assignment and verify that you selected "count in final grade". If this is not selected, all of the scores are considered exempt.


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I have a teacher with the exact same issue of an assignment showing exempt.  We did verify that in the assignment set up it says "count in final grade." How can we change the assignment from exempt?