How Do I Suggest a New Item For The Embed The Web Library?

Q. I found a great new tool that I think can be embedded into Haiku!  How can I suggest that it be added to the Embed the Web Library?  What makes a good Embed the Web tool? 


A. So, you found an awesome tool on the web that offers an embed code?  That's great!  You can suggest that we add the tool to our Library by following the link at the bottom of this article.  

Here are a few tips on finding great suggestions for the Embed the Web Library.


Check the current Embed the Web Library first

Quick tip!  Before you make your awesome suggestion, please make sure to check our current Embed the Web library to see if your tool has already been listed.  Go to the Add Content Block menu and select Embed the Web to open the Library.


Type the full name of the tool and Search to verify that you've got a brand-new tool for our list.  Hey look, Prezi is already in here!





How can I tell if my site offers an embed code?


Sometimes, those little embed codes can be tricky to track down! Each site out there has a little bit of a different way of offering its embed option, so keep an eye out for any of these options: 


  • Share: Does the site have a "Share" button? This could say Share, look like a little email icon, an envelope, or an open door. Start there!

    Example: Vimeo's Share button looks like a little paper airplane: 


  • Embed: Do you see the word embed listed anywhere?  You're on the right track! 

    Example: Prezi offers several sharing buttons, but we want the "Embed" option:


  • </> or <>: Greater than and less than symbols are used to tag the beginning and end of a piece of HTML.  See these on a button?  You may find the Embed code there.

    Example: In 8tracks, click on the open door "Share" symbol, then angle brackets to find the embed code:



Once you've drilled down into the correct menu, you should see an embed code, a string of HTML.  Don't worry, you don't need to be able to read to the code to use it in Haiku Learning. You just need to know how to copy/paste.


Vimeo embed.jpg


Sometimes, you need to create an account and log in to a site to see the Embed option for a tool. Not all tools offer embed codes for private content, public content, or any mix in between, so be sure to check out the knowledgebase or FAQs for a tool before giving up!  


What if my site does not offer an embed code? 

Don't worry, many sites that do not offer an embed code can still be embedded into your class or WikiProject. Check out this article for more information on creating a simple iframe to embed your favorite site into Haiku.  


What kinds of embed codes can the Embed the Web Library support? 

We're happy to add any sort of embeddable to our library! Most embed codes that work well in Haiku Learning fall into one of the following categories: 


  • iframe: an HTML-based embed code that allows you to insert another source (such as an entire website, or a frame containing a video) into a separate website. 
  • Javascript&colon; a very popular computer language, often used to create dynamic objects that students, teachers and other users to your site can interact with.
  • HTML: the very building-blocks of the internet, html stands for "hypertext markup language" and can range from very simple texts and colors to links, graphics, and interactive elements.
  • Flash: a still-popular (though declining) platform suited to hosting many types of media, including interactive and animated drawings, text, videos, and games.   


Alright, I'm ready to make a suggestion!  What's next?

Submit this quick request to our team to get your suggestion added to our list. We'll review it, approve it, fall in love with it (hopefully!) add it to the Library, and let you know!


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