How Can I Add a YouTube Video To My Class?

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Q. How can I upload a YouTube video into my class?


A. There are two ways you can upload a video into a content block on your class page. The first way is through the YouTube Block and the second is through Embed the Web. We have outlined how you can do both of these tasks below:


About the YouTube Block

The YouTube Block allows you to easily add videos, hosted on the popular website, to your PowerSchool Learning class. Visit for more information on how to upload and share your own videos.

Creating a YouTube Block

1. To use this feature, click on the Add Content Block button inside your class on the page in which you would like to add a video.

2016-10-03 14_50_22-PowerSchool Learning _ English 10 _ To Kill a Mockingbird.png


2. Click on the YouTube button in the window that pops up (under the Content Tab toward the bottom of the window).

Add Content Block.png


3. The Create Embedded Video Content window will pop up. If you haven't already, open a new browser window & find the video on that you would like to add to your class.

Enter URL.png


4. Copy the URL (address) of that page & paste it into the URL of External Content field in your content block, then click the Next button. Note: currently the YouTube Block supports following types of URLs:

Youtube 4.png


5. You will be given the chance to add a Title and Description and will see a Preview of the YouTube video that will be displayed on your page. When you are finished, click the Save button.

Create Content from External Source.png


And don't worry about mixed content filters or students viewing unwanted video suggestions in theYoutube Block. PowerSchool Learning will automatically choose to Use HTTPS and not to Show suggested videos when the video finishes for you.


YouTube and Embed the Web™

Alternatively, you can embed a YouTube video using the Embed the Web™ feature. While it isn't as simple as just pasting in the link (you actually have to grab the embed code from YouTube's site by clicking first "Share" and then "Embed" (button next to the link), but you do have the flexibility to customize the height and width of the video if you go this route.