Help, My Embed The Web Block Is Not Displaying Correctly! What Can I Do?

Q. Help, my Embed the Web tool is not working or displaying correctly! What can I do?


A. Because of the tremendous variety of embeddable tools, widgets, and videos out there, we can't guarantee that everything will work perfectly in PowerSchool Learning. Here is some information along with a few things to look out for to help you determine whether you've got something that will embed easily into PowerSchool Learning:


What is an embed code, anyway?

An embed code is a snippet of HTML, Flash, Javascript or some other form of "code" that was created with the intention of embedding content that is hosted on one site (say a YouTube video) into a completely separate site (like your PowerSchool Learning class).

A simple iframe embed code may look something like this:




Usually, embed codes are framed by angular brackets (also known as greater than and less than symbols), like these < >.


What about a url like this?




Unfortunately, regular URLs don't work as embed codes and will not work on their own in our Embed the Web tool. Don't worry, though! If you only have a url, you may still be able to embed your favorite website into your class.


Not seeing your site appearing in the content block? Just seeing an empty white block? There are a couple of things that may be happening:


Mixed-Content Warnings

Did you see a message that looks like this when adding your embed code?


Website embed 4.png


Any non SSL (http content) that you embed in PowerSchool Learning may prompt a Mixed-Content Warning in Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can usually enable mixed-content on your page to allow that site to be displayed within your PowerSchool Learning page (which does use SSL, or an https url).


In Chrome, click the small shield icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the browser bar, then select Load Unsafe Script and Reload this Page to see all available content.




Console Errors

Still not up and running? Using the Developer tools in your browser, you can often find out more information about why your embed is not working.


To see if the site you are trying to embed blocks its content from being displayed, or is throwing any errors, follow these steps:


  1. Right-click anywhere on the page in your web browser and select Web Inspector or Inspect Element (depending on your browser). 

  2. Open the Console area to view any errors that have been generated within your class page.


If the site provider for your embed does not allow their content to be displayed within other sites, you will see an error that reads "Refused to display '' in a frame because it is set to 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.




Keep an eye out for other errors here, too, like an inability to access the servers or site you are trying to embed or an error indicating that the resource you are using no longer exists or cannot be found.

Also, be sure to verify that you've copied the full and correct embed code for your resource.


Please note: You may need to contact the tool provider directly to help resolve these errors.


Code not Recognized

Did you see a message like this when adding your embed code?


Couldn't recognize code.jpg


If you are using a tool that has never been listed in our Embed the Web library, you will see this message every time you embed your site. That's okay! We'd love to list the tool for you if it works well, so please feel free to suggest it to our team.


As we add custom spots for tools, we are often able to allow additional settings options and styling for each widget. Please be sure to let us know if your widget looks a little off when suggesting it to us, and we'll take a closer look.


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