There are some widgets on the web that we can't support at this time using Embed the Web because of their code can cause problems with the way PowerSchool Learning works. However, you can sometimes use the PowerSchool Learning MiniSite tool to embed these in your class while keeping them from causing problems with your class pages. To do this you need to know just a little bit of HTML, but it's not hard.


First, get the code for the widget you want to use and paste it into a new document in a text editor like Notepad. (Make sure not to use a Word Processor like Microsoft Word because it will not handle the code correctly.)


Your widget code might look something like this:




Then, we need to add a few more HTML tags to this to make it work. The tags you need are <html></html> and <body></body>. You wrap these around your widget code to create something like this:


<script src=";height=400px"></script>


Note: Replace the <script src=";height=400px"></script> above with your own code. An example MiniSite file is attached.


Save this with the name index.html. (This is important. PowerSchool Learning will not accept a MiniSite with any other name.) Take your index.html file and zip it up by right clicking on it and selecting Send To, Compressed (zipped) Folder. Once you have a zipped file you are ready to create a MiniSite.


Log into PowerSchool Learning and navigate to the page you wish to add your widget to. Click on the Add Content button, and choose the MiniSite option. Choose your zip file and click upload. When this is finished, give your new block a title and description, and then click the Embed on Page option (unless you want it to pop up in a different window). Set the frame height to fit your widget and save your block. It will take a minute for PowerSchool Learning to process your MiniSite, but when its ready you can click the refresh button, or reload the page to see your widget right on your PowerSchool Learning page.


Hint! If you are using the Twitter Widgets Configurator to create an embed code from your Twitter account, make sure to use in the Domain field. Our MiniSites are hosted on the Cloud, so you have to let Twitter know where we will keeping them.


Update! You can now embed Twitter feeds using our Embed the Web tool directly. For more information, check out the article Can I embed Twitter into PowerSchool Learning using Embed the Web? (Spoiler: Yes! You can.)