Can I Embed Twitter into PowerSchool Learning Using Embed the Web™?

Q. Can I embed Twitter into PowerSchool Learning using Embed the Web™?


A. Yes!  Updates to our Embed the Web™ tool have made it possible to embed widgets from the Twitter Widgets Configurator and Twitter's Publishing Page directly into your class.  


To create an embeddable widget that will work in PowerSchool Learning, just select a type of widget, or paste the url for a search or feed into Twitter's embed creator.  Twitter gives several great options such as a User timeline, Favorites, List, or Search, and any of these should work!  


Configuring User Widgets:


Twitter's Publishing Page offers several template options, or you can paste the url to a search or timeline directly to create an embed: 

Twitter Publishing.png


Hit Enter, and your new embed code will automatically be copied to your clipboard for use in external systems like PowerSchool Learning.  Select set customization options to choose additional settings like height, width and color scheme, if desired:

Customize Embe.png

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