Can I Embed Screencast Videos in my PowerSchool Learning Class?

Q:  Can I embed Screencast videos in my PowerSchool Learning class?


A:  Only some content hosted by Screencast can be embedded in PowerSchool Learning classes.  This is because Screencast does not do any conversion or encoding to your videos.  They simply save your files to their server and display them with one of three different video players depending on the format of the video.  Your ability to embed these videos in PowerSchool Learning depends on which player they use to display them.  You can tell the video type / player used in Screencast based on the icon for your video.





If you see a red Flash icon on your video you should have no trouble embedding your video using PowerSchool Learning's Embed the Web tools.  Simply open your video in Screencast, click on the Share tab, and copy the code below Embed on your page.


Windows Media



If you see the Windows Media icon on your video you can embed your video using Embed the Web, but the quality of the embed is not as good as Flash.  Windows Media files are not optimized, and require third party plug-ins that are not normally installed on all computers.  Again, to embed these videos, open them in Screencast, click on the Share tab, and copy the code below Embed on your page.





If you see the Silverlight icon on your video you will not currently be able to embed this video in your PowerSchool Learning class.  While Silverlight is an increasingly strong tool for web media, the plugin needed to display Silverlight media files are not as common as other web utilities, like Flash.


Other Options

There are other options available to PowerSchool Learning users.  Primarily, you can upload your Videos directly to PowerSchool Learning.  We automatically encode all uploaded videos into MP4 files that are displayed using our built-in flash video player.  


If you wish to continue having your videos hosted by Screencast, we recommend encoding all of your videos as MP4 files before you upload them to ensure you are using their flash based player and can easily embed your videos in PowerSchool Learning.  There are many methods for doing this, but one tool that is both effective and easy to use is called Handbrake.  You can find out more about Handbrake at their site:


Finally, there are many other web based services that you can use to host your video files, among them YouTube, TeacherTube, and Vimeo.  Each of these sites encodes your video into a web friendly format and provides a media player that will embed easily into your PowerSchool Learning class.

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