What is the Portal and how do I configure it for my domain?


Q: What is the Portal and how do I configure it for my domain?


A: The Portal is a centralized landing page that pulls together current information from all of a user’s classes. You can adjust portal settings under the Applications Tab in Domain Control.


To Enable and access your Portal Settings, log in with your Admin account and then click on the Applications Tab.


  • Under Features, make sure the Portal is Enabled.

  • Click on Settings to configure which Organizations see which Portal Blocks.



You will see a list of Organizations with icons for the Portal Blocks that are currently enabled for each Organization. You can click on the paper-and-pencil Edit icon to add or remove Portal Blocksfor users in that Organization:


  • Calendar

  • Recent Grades

  • Announcements

  • Report Card

  • Recent Activity

  • Haiku of the day - this one’s a particular favorite!

Note: You can also make changes to the Parent Organization and apply those settings to the Sub-organizations.





Custom HTML Block


In addition to the standard portal blocks, you will also have an option to include an HTML Block. This HTML block is the same for all users in your domain. To configure the HTML Block, click the Edit Custom HTML button.




You will then see a text editor that lets you add text, links, images, or other information to the block.




For any questions about the portal, please reach out to your School Advisor.