How to Manually Add a Class under the Classes Tab


Q: How do I manually add a class under the Classes Tab?


A: As a Domain Administrator, you have the option to Add a Class under the Classes Tab.


Note: This article is specifically about adding a class manually. If you’re interested in adding or updating classes via import, please contact your School Advisor.


To manually Add a Class, log in with your Admin account and go to the Classes Tab. Click on Add Class.




Select Standard Roster or Role Based Roster.




A class with a Role Based Roster can only be created on the domain level. Unlike a Standard Roster, the roster in this type of class is manage by rules - for example, you can include all teachers in a specific Organization, or all students in a grade level. For more information, please see our Knowledgebase article on Role-Based Rosters.


Creating a class with a Standard Roster is very similar to how teachers create a new class from their My Classes page. However, when you create a class under the Classes Tab, you can also set an Import ID for the class (if you want to manage the class by import) and assign someone other than yourself as the Class Teacher.


Once you’ve selected Standard Roster, then complete the following information:


  • Class Teacher

  • Class Name

  • Class Code (if you would like to include one)

  • Organization (for more information on Organizations, please see our Knowledgebase article)

  • Import ID (use this option only if you would like the roster of this class to be updated by import instead of manually)

  • Short Summary (if you would like to display a description other than the Class Name for your students).



When you set up a class, you can also make decisions about the following:


  • Page content notifications

  • Whether the class should be listed under the Extras tab in the portal

  • Lastly, you can designate a School Year. This is especially important once you have several school years in your system and will ensure that this class is listed under the correct year, when searching and filtering for classes. Check out our this article for a little more information about School Years and how to manage them.

Once the Class information is complete, click Create Class.


For more information about your options for creating and managing classes in domain control, please reach out to your School Advisor.