How do I use the Vital Stats area of the Overview tab in Domain Control?


Q: How do I use the Vital Stats area of the Overview tab in Domain Control? What do these statistics mean and how are they calculated?

A: As a Domain Administrator, you can use Vital Stats to see your Agreement Details, including the number of licenses and the amount of storage currently being used by your domain, any additional products available to you, and the renewal date of your Agreement.  This helps you view and track usage, verify your agreement renewal date, and check to see when your license count was last refreshed (hint: these numbers are calculated nightly).  

Vital Stats

The Vital Stats area shows you important information about your Accounts & Classes. 

Vital Stats.png

Accounts & Classes

At the bottom of the Vital Stats area, you can find some basic information about the Accounts & Classes in your domain.

  • Teacher, Student, and Parent Accounts include any accounts in your domain that aren't currently Disabled or Deactivated.
  • Active Classes includes any classes in your domain that aren't currently Inactive.

You can click on the links in the Accounts & Classes display to see a list of all the accounts or classes included in the total figure.

Note that the account figures include Inactive accounts that are still Enabled. These accounts do not take up licenses. In addition, administrator accounts can take up licenses if they are also enrolled in classes as teachers, but they aren't listed as a separate category under Vital Stats.

As a result, the sum of the account numbers listed under Accounts & Classes won't necessarily be the same as the number of licenses currently in use. Normally, the number of licenses will be a bit lower, but it could be higher if you have several domain administrators who also teach classes.