Q: How do I set the Daily Notification Time for My School?

A: Any Domain Administrator can set the time that Daily Notifications begin to go out for a school through the Email tab of the Manage Domain menu.

Setting a Daily Notification Time

Daily Notifications for your school will be queued up and rolled out each evening based on the time that you have set for your Domain. To adjust this setting, navigate to the Domain Control, then select Settings from the Manage Domain drop-down menu.

Next, select the Email tab, and choose your "Daily Email Delivery Time" from the drop-down list provided. Hit Save, and you should be all set!

The Time Zone listed next to your selected Delivery Time indicates the default time zone for your Domain. You can verify this setting through the Users tab of the Domain Settings menu, under the User Settings area. In this case, the time zone is set to (GMT-07:00) Arizona.

What will be sent, and when will it appear in my mailbox?

The "Send Daily Email Notifications at:" time setting refers specifically to a daily digest compiled of various activities throughout the day in each user's PowerSchool Learning classes. This email typically consists of Page Content Notifications and any notifications for Announcements, Comments, Discussions, Inbox messages, Dropbox messages that have been set to "Daily Email" through the Preferences area of each individual's My Account menu.

Please Note: Emails will be queued for distribution at the time that you have selected, and begin to go out for Teachers, Parents, Students, and Administrators in your school. As the amount of time for email programs and providers to distribute those messages to recipients can vary widely, you may not see those notifications hit your mailbox right away. Rest assured, though, they should be on their way!