Q: How do I set a site-wide Theme for my PowerSchool Learning Domain? I want it to match my school branding...

A: By setting your custom-created Theme as a Site Theme through the domain control menu, Domain Administrators have the option to apply a logo, header, and other custom options to non class-spaces of their domain such as the Portal and My Classes areas.

Create a new Theme

To create a new Theme, go to the Themes tab of the domain control menu. Next, click on the Add Theme button to create a new theme. You will be prompted to give our Theme a Title, make it available to All Organizations or an individual Sub-organization within your Domain, and even give it a Category. Categories can make it easier to find your Theme later.

2016-09-29 16_09_29-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png

Choose Save to move on and edit your Theme. Here's the fun part. The Themes feature has lots of options for customizing the look of your Site Theme, including the background color and image, header color and image, webfonts, custom font color, and more! To add the Logo for your School, go to the Header tab "Choose a file" under Logo.

2016-09-29 16_13_38-PowerSchool Learning.png

Once you have finished making changes, choose Save to apply changes, and you will be taken back to the domain control menu.

Make it the Site Theme

From the Domain Themes tab of the Themes feature, set the View by to Organization. Your new theme should appear with any other themes available for your Domain. Select "Set as Site Default" from the down arrow drop-down menu on your Theme.

2016-09-29 16_15_10-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png

You will be asked if you'd like this to apply to All sub-organizations. Select Yes, if you would. Your custom theme, complete with the official logo, color, and images of your school is now set as the Site Default.