How do I get started with the Organizations Tab?


Q: As a Domain Administrator, how do I get started with the Organizations tab?


A: The Organizations Tab is where Domain Administrators can manage Organizations and sub-Organizations, Class Features, Class Schedules, and Notation Sets.


Why set up Organizations?


  • If you have a number of schools (ex: Elementary, Middle, High School) and/or different subsets that you would like to associate your Classes and Accounts with, Organizations might be a good option for your domain.

  • Organizations allow for granular control of features and settings that can be applied to all or to a specific Organization. (ex: you can turn on the Gradebook for one Organization, and block it for another.)

  • Organizations allow for better search and filter options in a number of tabs such as Accounts, Classes, and Reports.

  • If you have questions about whether Organizations are right for you, please reach out to your School Advisor.

How to Add an Organization


  • Organizations can be added via import or manually under the Organizations tab.

  • If you would like to manage Organizations via import, please be sure to reach out to your School Advisor for additional information for your import type.

  • To add an Organization manually, click on the Organizations Tab, and select Add Organization.

  • You will see options to add an Organization Name, an Import ID (if you would like the Organization to be controlled via import), a Parent Organization, etc.



How to Manage Organizations

Once you create Organizations, you can click on the information.png button to view and edit settings for each Organization. If you have sub-sub-organizations, you can view them by clicking Sub-organization.


From this view, you can update an Organization by clicking on Edit or view and update Organization specific information under the various tabs.




Organization Info


Once you select an Organization to view, you will see the following information:


  • Org Accounts: A list of all Accounts associated with the Organization

  • Org Standards: A list of Standards associated with the Organization (Note: this option applies if you are using Standards-Based Grading. Please see additional information on enabling and managing Standards-Based Grading for your domain.)

  • Class Schedules: A great way to manage Grading Periods and Terms for your Classes. This is especially important if your teachers will be setting up gradebooks. You can set up Class Schedules that apply to all Organizations or create unique schedules for Sub-organizations. For more info on how to create Class Schedules for your domain, please see our knowledgebase article. Note: depending on your domain settings, teachers can create their own Class Schedules. You can see this option under Manage Domain > Settings > Classes > Allow Teachers to define class schedules. Your School Advisor is also a great resource for best practices as well.

  • Grade Notation Set: As a Domain Administrator, you can set up Grade Notations Sets that will be available for your teachers when they set up their Gradebooks. Here is a nice overview of how Grade Notation Sets work. Note: teachers will have the option of either using an admin created grade notation set or create one for their class. 

  • Special Score Notation Set: Similarly, Domain Administrators can set up  Special Score Notations as well. Teachers can also create these in their classes.

  • Statistics: Statistics overview for a specific Organization.

Class Features


In PowerSchool Learning, you have several options for features (i.e. Gradebook, Inbox, WikiProjects, Dropbox, etc.) you can include in a class.


To edit Default settings, open the Organization Info page by clicking on the information icon next to an organization, then clicking the Edit Features button.


As a Domain Administrator, you can choose to have these features on by default, off by default, or block them completely.


  • Default On: the feature is turned on when the class is created.

  • Default Off: the feature is turned off, but the teacher can turn it on later.

  • Blocked: the feature isn’t available to newly created classes.

Please note, that turning a feature to default off or on at the Domain level will not affect the feature for existing Classes, only Classes created going forward.






Default settings for Class Features can later be changed by teachers. However, any feature that is blocked can only be unblocked by an administrator on the domain level. (Note: Teachers can see available features in their classes by going to Manage Class > Class Settings > Features. Here is a quick reference for teachers.)


If you have sub-organizations, you can choose to have different settings for each, or apply the same setting to all by checking copy these settings to all sub-organizations now.


Deleting an Organization


Once an organization has users, classes or child organizations, you will not have an option to delete it. However, you can make it invisible to hide it from users by unchecking the Visible option under the Organization details.