How do I get started with the Applications Tab?


Q: As a Domain Administrator, how do I get started with the Applications Tab?


A: The Applications Tab is where Domain Administrators can enable and manage domain-wide features and other third-party tools.


To access Applications, log in with your Admin account and click on the Applications Tab. There you will see three sub-tabs:


  • Features

  • Partner Tools

  • LTI Tools





Features are domain-wide tools that are native to PowerSchool Learning. The Applications > Features tab lets you configure these tools for your domain. Most of the settings for these tools can be configured for your whole domain or per sub-organization.


If you have any questions about how best to use these tools at your school, please contact your School Advisor.


Partner Tools


If your school is using any of the following Partner Tools, and you would like to enable them to be used in PowerSchool Learning, you can do so by selecting them under the Applications Tab (Note: Your School Advisor is your best resource for helping with enabling and configuring these tools. For important considerations and best practices, please reach out to your School Advisor.)




LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Tools


LTI allows you to integrate PowerSchool Learning with other online learning tools that are also using the LTI standard. Take a look at our Knowledgebase articles on how to add an LTI Tool and see examples of LTI Tools.


The level of integration varies depending on the specific tool. If you’re already using any of those example LTI tools outside of PowerSchool Learning, you might as well give LTI integration a shot!





As always, if you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your School Advisor.

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