How do I get started with Themes?


Q: As a Domain Administrator, how do I get started with Themes?


A: The Themes Tab under Domain Control is where Domain Administrators can manage Themesfor their domain.


What Themes Do


Themes allow you to customize the style of your domain’s Classes and Site Pages to incorporate colors, images, logos, etc.


Themes are different from your login skin, which is what users see on your site before they log in. For more information about custom login skins, please contact your School Advisor.


Overview of The Themes Tab


Here is a quick overview of the information you will find under the Themes Tab:


  • Domain Themes: what Themes are currently available.

  • PowerSchool Learning Themes: preset themes created by PowerSchool Learning.

  • View by Category: lets you see and manage custom categories for Themes.

  • View by Organization: lets you set which Themes are available to which Organizations and set the default Themes for each Organization.

  • The Gear icon: lets you control whether teachers can create and edit their own Themes or whether they can use PowerSchool Learning’s preset Themes. For additional information, please see our article on how to control which Themes are available to teachers.

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