How Can I Enable OneDrive Integration for my Domain?

Q: How can I enable OneDrive integration for my domain?


A: Domain Administrators will need to follow the following steps to turn on OneDrive integration.

Important note, in order to use the OneDrive integration, you will need to make sure your O365 integration is configured first.


1. To turn on OneDrive integration navigate to the Domain Control area inside of PowerSchool Learning, then access the Applications >> Partner Tools >> Microsoft O365.


2. On this screen make sure you have Enable OneDrive Integration clicked.


3. In a new window login to


  • Select ‘Active Directory’ from the left-hand navigation
  • Select your correct directory from the list of directories (there is usually only one listed)
  • Select ‘Applications’ from the secondary navigation at the top
  • Choose the ‘PowerSchool Learning’ application


4. Add Delegated permissions to the Microsoft Graph API for the 'PowerSchool Learning' application:

  • 'Have full access to all files user can access'
  • 'View users' basic profile'


5. Add Delegated permissions to Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory for the 'PowerSchool Learning' application:


  • 'Access the directory as the signed in user'



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